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Organic Deodorant- Grapefruit & Lavender - 2.65 oz.

Organic Deodorant- Grapefruit & Lavender - 2.65 oz.

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A natural deodorant that actually works.

All day odor control for the most active adults. Safe for kids. 

  • PH balanced to reduce alkaline irritation (reduces adjustment time and keeps skin in a healthy PH range)
  • All day odor control (no chemical bactericide). impressively powerful odor control without killing your skin's microbial flora. 
  • NO aluminum or toxic ingredients
  • Nutrient dense ingredients to build skin's natural immune system to reduce "stinky" bacteria
  • 100% organic essential oil blend (no "natural fragrance" ingredients)

To use: This is NOT to be applied the same as conventional deodorant. Massage with fingertips a PEA size amount to clean, dry underarms. Wooden spatula included. Massage well.

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Arrowroot, Baking Soda, Organic Grapefruit & Lavender

Healthy Microbiome:

Like the gut, your skin has a rich microbiome. The diversity and makeup of your microbial flora plays a major role in overall skin health, influencing the immune system, inflammatory set point, skin resilience, and more. A healthy, balanced microbiome exists symbiotically with the body. Disrupting the microbiome with bactericidal deodorants can have negative consequences.

Think of two petri dishes. One petri dish is filled with a diverse bacterial microbiome that has no negative impacts on the human body. The other perti dish has no bacteria. Now, let's introduce a "harmful" bacteria to both petri dishes. Assuming the environment is controlled in both dishes, the "harmful" bacteria will encounter strong competition in the microbe rich dish and encounter no competition in the empty dish. Due to the lack of competition, the "harmful" bacteria will flourish in the empty petri dish.

This analogy is similar to the one that develops with the use of strong bactericidal deodorants. This is likely the reason you smell so terrible when missing an application of name brand, bactericidal deodorants. Your microbiome is out of wack. Natural physical deodorant (works by physical entrapment of 'stink') does not adversely disrupt the delicate microbial flora.

    PLEASE NOTE: When switching from an antiperspirant or name brand deodorant,  you may experience some "detoxing". It's important to use this product for 7 days before passing judgment. During this time, your body may eliminate any toxic build up from your previous deodorant and the skin may experience a change in chemistry & flora.

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    Store your tea in a cool dry area.

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