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Goat's Milk Soap Bar - Honey, Lavender & Oatmeal

Goat's Milk Soap Bar - Honey, Lavender & Oatmeal

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Why Goats Milk?

Gentle Cleanser

Mostly skincare products like soap and body lotions contain harsh surfactants that strip off the natural moisture from your skin. Goat Milk's pH level is close to our skin which helps restore the lost moisturization. It is a perfect gentle regime for all skin types, no matter the color, or sensitivity.

Nourish and Moisturizing

Goat Milk is packed with minerals and vitamins that are proven to be effective for your skin. It is also a good source of Selenium, a mineral that helps improve your skin membrane.

Promote Anti-Aging

The two main nutrients, effective to fight against the sign of aging are Vitamin A and Lactic Acid - both of which are present in Goat Milk. The combination of Alpha-hydroxy, lactic, and caprylic can kick start your elastin production, leading to a brighter and younger skin tone.

Perfect Allrounder

Besides offering skin balancing properties, goat milk can also promote a healthier skin. People with psoriasis, eczema can benefit from using organic goat milk products. This natural milk helps to moisturize the skin and other skin conditions which result in redness and itchiness


Ingredients: Organic Goats Milk, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil Pomace, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Powhatan, Virginia Honey, Organic Oats, Fragrance.


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Care Instructions

Store your tea in a cool dry area.

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